About Us


            Located in the famed “pizza belt” of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Victory Pig has become a landmark for pizza lovers across the United States. Family owned and operated since 1942, Victory Pig harkens back to a time before chain restaurants and fast-food franchises cluttered the American landscape. We remain committed to the traditions and the “mom-and-pop” focus on quality handed down by our great-grandparents. The most important of all those traditions is our famous recipe, which has remained unchanged for 71 years.


            The Victory Pig recipe has remained a closely-guarded family secret passed down through four generations of the Ceccoli family. Every aspect of our process, from the ingredients used to our traditional baking methods, is part of a formula that leaves no room for error or deviation. Our adherence to this time-tested process ensures that each slice you eat is just as decadently delicious as the last, whether it’s been a week or a decade since the last slice.  If you perform a “Google” search for “Victory Pig Pizza”, you will encounter countless sites that claim to duplicate our recipe, but none of them come remotely close. We have never been offended or upset at these attempts to replicate our pizza, believing that “imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

905 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming PA 18644


Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 4:30-11:00

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